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Online(Beijing time): from 9:00 am to 12:00 am, 15:00 pm to 22:00 pm.

Welcome to join our free course, we provide 20 minutes' one-on-one oral Chinese course (Daily language) for each person per day for free.

Welcome to XCN Chinese
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If you are the beginner, the learning steps are just as follows:
Pronunciation & Pinyin --> Beginner spoken --> grammar --> Intermediate Spoken (sentences making), characters, songs, humors and business --> advanced spoken, writings and so on.

Chinese Language Course: Life in China - Pronunciation & Characters  

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Chinese Language Course: Life in China - Beginner Spoken  

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Chinese Language Course: Life in China - Intermediate Spoken  

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Chinese Language Course: Life in China - Grammar  

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Online Free Chinese Language Lessons  

We provide a 20 minutes' free everyday course for each person; the one-on-one online course is given by our professional Chinese teachers.
Add our QQ ID: 328762091, 1365077629 and 957518938, Skype ID: xcn-chinese-1, xcn-chinese-2 and xcn-chinese-3, prepare a set of earphones, microphone and camera, then you can join our free oral Chinese language course.
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Chinese Language Teachers  








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Online Purchase of Services  

We have various types of Chinese language learning materials, some for children, some for adolescents, and some for adults. These materials include oral Chinese for beginners and business Chinese. Here you can try out these materials, and choose the textbooks which are suitable for you.

Short-Term Spoken Chinese

Short-Term Spoken Chinese

New Practical Chinese Reader

New Practical Chinese Reader



Business Chinese For Beginner Listening

Business Chinese For Beginner Listening
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